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  Shipping Worldwide. We only do 鈥淣ext Day鈥 shipping within Mexico. We only do free shipping within Mexico for purchases above $1,200 pesos. At the moment we do not have free shipping and 鈥淣ext Day鈥 shipping outside the Mexican Republic.

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Order Delivery Time

Cut-off times for next day deliveries

Taxes and Customs

Address Policy

Return policy

  Returns and Refunds Accepted. Returns work as follow:

1) The customer sends back the product. (Shipping expenses covered by the customer).
 2) Mr. Buho receives the product.
 3) Mr. Buho makes the refund to the buyer's card with which the purchase was made.

 NOTE: The return policy applies a maximum of 7 days from receipt of the package. A refund will not be made if the garment is returned damaged or stained.

  The shipping expenses of the returned item will be covered by the customer except for the following situation:

- That the seller sent a different garment either in model, size or color than the one the buyer ordered.

  If a size change is required, the process would be as follows:

1) The customer sends back the product.
 2) Mr. Buho receives the product.
 3) Mr. Buho makes the refund to the buyer's card.
 4) The customer makes a new purchase.

(NOTE: The reason for this process is because it is cheaper for the buyer to pay for a new guide with our preferential price for volume purchases of prepaid guides, than to pay for a shipment on their own in any shipping company.)

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  At Mr. Buho we know how important it is for you to know how we treat your personal data, which is why we are committed to protecting it. The privacy and proper use of your personal information is of fundamental importance to us and we will never sell, transfer or distribute in any way the data provided by you on this website, for more information you can click here:

Terms & Conditions

The following "General Conditions" regulate the entry, use and registration of users of the website https://www.mrbuho.com.mx, owned by Corporativo Mr. Buho. Likewise, the conditions for the processing and use of personal data provided by users are established. These can be seen in more detail here: https://mrbuho.com.mx/pages/terminos-y-condiciones