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“Sprayed” T-Shirt

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· 100% Cotton "Sprayed" T-shirt.

· It has a casual and unique style due to the color of the fabric which is given by a process that we call "Spray" Dye.

· To give the “Sprayed” effect to the garment, we require a tool that shoots the paint towards the shirt just as a can Graffiti Paint does. The garment is turned upside down and hung on shoulder pads outdoors so that the paint can be sprayed on both sides.

· Once we "spray" the garment, it is left to rest for 12 hours so that the paint is well impregnated on the fabric, and then it is washed with a special material that “eats” parts of the paint and gives that garment its characteristic effect.

· Being this is a manual process, no garment ends with exactly the same dyed texture pattern as the others, they are very similar, but not identical. It could be said that it is like a fingerprint of the product since the precision of the machine does not intervene at any time during its dyeing process.

· Mr. Buho manufactures this and 80% of its garments in Mérida, Yucatán with artisan processes.

· Pre-washed garment so IT DOES NOT SHRINK.