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Mexico in fashion

The Mexican fashion industry has begun to show signs of life, competing with the great international exponents that have been in this turn for years: New York (considered the fashion capital), Milan (historically one of the fashion capitals known for worldwide), among many other countries.

Mexicans have evolved in this industry with the creativity, idea, potential and colors of Mexico merging with their talent, emerging collections of clothing, shoes, jewelry among other accessories. Unlike the pillars of fashion in the world, Mexico is committed to making garments with identity and concepts, where added value takes on singular importance and is not just a basic wardrobe.

Currently, Mexico is at number 29 in the list of the main fashion capitals, in the same way we know that Mexico is the fourth supplier of textiles to the US, the ninth supplier of leather goods and the third largest manufacturer of jewelry silver in the world.

Mexico has designers in which Cancino, a brand from Francisco Cancino from Chiapas, stands out, seeking to create collections that speak of his country (Mexico) through artisan techniques, representing the past, present, tradition and crafts. Seeking to position itself with timeless garments moving away from the fast-fashion trend.

The ES脜NT brand was founded in 2016 by Aline D铆az from Monterrey, standing out for creating pieces with a balance between sensitivity and power, clean and stylized with basic elements.

Da wearhouse founded in 2014 is a Mexican brand from Monterrey, with ready-to-wear garments mixing the electric and the romantic with transparencies and silhouettes that flatter all body types.

They are one of the Mexican brands that are standing out in this world of fashion. It is a very complex process because there are few brands that manage to establish themselves with quality, mission, vision, identity and history, that is, that they not only generate trends but also transcend positioning.o.

It becomes more complex because the Mexican consumer is not a frequent customer of national brands, further challenging and complicating the birth of Mexican fashion seeking to earn a place on the international and national catwalks.

Undoubtedly, Mexican designers have advanced a lot in fashion, but it is very necessary that there is support between industry and design, what industrialists need is the artistic vision of designers and designers lack quality.

As we know fashion is one of the fastest growing industries and thanks to them fashion designers can be as recognized as a singer or an actress, without a doubt this sector has played a very important role in society, defining each designer their your own style and what you want to convey. Mexican fashion has been gaining an important boom during these years and it is something that Mexicans themselves should be supporting for growth