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Los secretos de M茅rida

As well as all the cities; M茅rida also has some lesser known points of interest, these hidden corners keep some stories of the region that not many know. Do you want to know what they are?n?
Here we present 3 hidden places in the city of M茅rida:

ancient catholic church

Crossing the street from the emblematic "Parque Hidalgo", you will find the Church of the Third Order, where if you look up, you will find 2 Mayan glyphs engraved on the stones that make up the church, which shows that without a doubt, this city was built in the mayan place. However, these incredible 2 pieces remained as a visible reminder of how one culture was replaced by another.
Fact: Being built with the stones of the Mayan buildings, all the glyphs were hidden at the time of being assembled, hiding the Mayan details inside the construction so as not to be visible... What is the message hidden in those sculpted stoness?

Elephant on the Roof
In the center of the city of M茅rida, the corner of Calle 65 and 46 is named "The corner of the elephant" in honor of the headquarters of a commercial company in the 1830s.
The main idea arose from the simple fact of highlighting the business and distinguishing the name of your company. This custom was adopted by other merchants, who also developed distinctive elements on their roofs or facades to generate more potential customers.

Movie star
There is another hidden place in our M茅rida, it is the characteristic and impotent bronze statue of Pedro Infante; Mexican movie star from movies in the 1930s and 1940s recognized while singing a tune on horseback. Today we honor him through a statue on a horse, holding the Ariel award (Equivalent to an Oscar for the Mexican film industry)
Emblematic places of the state and the ancestral culture of Yucatan is what we took as inspiration to build the 2022 "Blanco & Negro" By Mr. Buho collection. Garments made with fresh textiles, ideal for hot places without losing the traditional touch of the Mayan culture.