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Handmade With Passion

A handmade design and its workmanship represent some advantages over industrially manufactured creations. Handmade products, or as they are culturally known as "handcrafted products", have several advantages over mass-produced or mass-produced products such as the fast-fashion trend.

1.- Long-lasting products

Handmade products are generally more durable. When we talk about the process of clothing, this tends to be slower, but more detailed and each garment is carefully made. The quality and the process with millenary knowledge of handcrafted techniques of the materials give a long life to durable products.

2.- More sustainable products.

Unlike mass productions, products with an artisanal process are much more sustainable, since handmade clothing leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than chain productions.

Chain productions use machinery to make multiple cuts and speed up the process of garment construction, they send their production to other countries or workshops which makes it 0 sustainable by undergoing different processes. Likewise, the waste generated is disposed of in the garbage.

Handmade products do not have such a high carbon footprint as they are produced by hand with little or no need for machinery and are generally produced locally. The waste is used for different uses within the same workshop, resulting in a ZeroWaste product.

3.- Originality

Each of the garments created with the most is unique, since the details are extremely unrepeatable and it is almost impossible that 2 handcrafted objects are the same, this makes each garment totally original and different from the others.

4.- Local Community

Buying handmade products helps the local economy. In our case, we currently work with several proudly Yucatecan talents, as well as micro and small garment workshops. 

5.- Maintains tradition

Each of our designs are thought and inspired through the Mayan culture which allows us to make garments that maintain their traditional essence and ancient art. 

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