5 Steps to Produce a Garment – Mr Buho

5 Steps to Produce a Garment

In Mr. Buho we manufacture our own garments, that is why when you buy it, it is a product 100% made by Mayan hands, our process has 5 steps that we will describe below.


1.- the fabric in its natural state is washed and dyed in a dry cleaner where the fabric is finished with color and texture.


2.- once dyed and washed, the fabric is laid out on a long table where it is then drawn, with the help of molds, a tracing of the individual parts of the garment such as sleeves, back, front, neck, etc. 


 This is done in order to facilitate the cutting of each piece as accurately as possible using an electric saw so that once the individual parts are cut, they go to the sewing area for assembly.


3.- these parts of the garment are assembled by hand by our seamstresses with the help of sewing machines.


  Once assembled, they are sent to the unraveling area to remove all the excess thread and then they are sent to the quality control area to check that everything is well done and if not, they are returned to the corresponding area to fix the details. 


4.- once the garment is finished, it is given the final touch either with an embroidered detail or a logo either in silk-screen printing or sublimation.


5.- once the detail is added to the garment, it is sent to the ironing area to be folded and sent either to our stores or directly to our customers.