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Camelia Blouse

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· Flat Weave 100% Corrugated Cotton Blouse.

· Long-sleeved, with two bags on the lower front and detailed with the embroidered Mr. Buho logo on the chest.

· Elegant “Mao” Neck.

· Includes a raw piece of fabric as a label with a unique garment serial number.

· The so-called "Corrugated Cotton Fabric" requires a more refined and laborious production work of 105 threads per in2, resulting in a softer and lighter texture than a normal fabric. 

· Due to the 100% cotton fabric, freshness and comfort are guaranteed.

· Mr. Buho manufactures this and 80% of its garments in Mérida, Yucatán with artisan processes.

· Pre-washed garment so IT DOES NOT SHRINK.